Thursday, December 12, 2013

Featured on the Paper Smooches Patrol Blog Post!! ;)

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Hello Blog Friends I hope your having a FABULOUS Week!!??
I know with the Holiday's approaching FAST that you're BUSY finishing up all of the things necessary to have a MEMORABLE Holiday but I wanted to stop in and share some EXCITING News!! My card Found on this post is being FEATURED on the Paper Smooches Blog today!! ;)
I'm SO EXCITED and I was hoping you could stop by and leave some LOVE!! ;)
Also stay tuned because I'll have some more EXCITING News to share on the 18th of December!!
It's going to be a FABULOUS New Year!!
So I'm off to wrap some present while Beckett is away at school!! He's getting better at trying to "HELP", this year and I'm having to be more sneaky so his Presents are still a surprise come Christmas Morning!! Oh how I LOVE this time of year!!
Have a Fabulous Week!!


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