Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skiing In Sol Vista!! =)

Maverick's was our first stop to eat on Friday once we got up and got going!! Beckett LOVED all of the wild game that was displayed all over the place. We ate ELK for lunch!! Just look at those HUGE ELK quesadias and then I decided to have an Elk Cheeseburger it was DELICIOUS!! =) We then ran to the store and got groceries and had to rent our ski's!! It was a LONG day!! Beckett went swimming and then we went and ate at the Seven Trails Grill for supper. We ate Salmon and Spare Ribs, Pizza and Lasagna. It was AMAZING!! We finished off the meal with Ice Cream and Tiramisu,  that was enough to make us all crash from super full tummies!! =)
Then off the bed for a LONG day of skiing and fun tomorrow!!

Elk Quesadias

Elk Cheeseburger!!  It was Delicious!! =)

Us at the Maverick's Bar and Grill in Granby Colorado!!

My NEW hat!! =)

Beckett and Adam having a bubble swim in the big tub!!

Beckett in NOTHING but bubbles!!
He thought we should get a giant tub like this for our house!!

Beckett and his cousin Anna after getting their tummies full during supper!!

(We ended up having to take Beckett to the E.R in the middle of the night!! He woke up screaming and we tried everything but nothing was working. Well turns out he had a Major Ear Infection and the swimming along with the high altitude triggered it!! So we got some medicine and went back to the cabin to get some MUCH needed sleep!! =)

Saturday January 14th 2012
Beckett heading to Ski School for the Day!! He was SO EXCITTED!!

Adam getting ready to go ski the slopes!! I just couldn't resist taking this photo!! =)

Beckett skiing down the slopes in the afternoon after all morning in ski school!!

The fun Magic Carpet ride the kids took to the top of the slopes durning ski school!!

Beckett's cousin Megan skiing down the slopes at ski school!!

Beckett's little cousin Irelyn going down a snow slide!!

Sunday January 15th 2012
On the ski lift with my niece Meghan-8 yrs. =)

Beckett skiing with Daddy and Uncle Grahm
Beckett's first spill on the mountain!! Uncle Grahm was there to save the day!!

Sol Vista Ski Basin

My nieces Meghan and Laura with Uncle Grahm skiing down the mountain!!

Adam and Beckett giving a high five after getting off the ski lift!! =)

Beckett going down the sledding hill!!

The view from the top of the mountain!! =)

Adam and I at the top of the mountain!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!
The whole Heskett Family!! =)
What a GREAT day it was filled with nothing but happiness and laughter!!

Baby Irelyn throwing snow at Grandpa Heskett with cousin Meghan's help!! =)

Adam and I on the ski lift!! =)
Here is a quick video of Beckett skiing for the First time!! =)
He did such an AMAZING job!!

Sunday January 15th 2012~~Well the day was AMAZING!! We went to Winterpark in the morning and the kids had so much fun exploring the little Village. We then went back to the Sol Vista Ski Basin and skied for the rest of the day!! We couldn't have asked for more better weather!! It made the whole weekend PERFECT!! =)
After the skiing was done we headed back to the cabin and opened our christmas gifts!! Everyone was enjoyed their gifts and the kids had fun playing. We headed to bed early beings there was
supposed to be a storm moving in and we wanted to get off the mountain before it got bad!!

Monday January 16th 2012~~ We left around 7:00am and it snowed on us the whole way down the mountain!! It was SO BEAUTIFUL!! A picture perfect ending to an AMAZING weekend in the mountains!!
Here are some of the photos I took while driving down the mountain.
(yes my husband was driving and I was taking pictures!!)
This was a waterfall we saw while drivimg so I snapped this photo @70 miles per hour!! I think it turned out pretty good!! =) It is just amazing to me to think that they freeze while running!! I just had to share it!! =)

We saw several Elk up on the ridge!! We were going 70 on Interstate so this isn't the best photo, but I still thought it was pretty!! =)

Here we are going under the tunnel to enter back into Denver!!

So hope your day is FABULOUS!!
THANKS for stopping by!! =)


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