Sunday, August 31, 2014

AEI♥U Challenge #14–Sequins~Birthday Card!! =)

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Well what a week I've had!! =}
Last Sunday after my M-I-L Cathy's funeral we were putting stuff away and I wanted to hang the Family photo we had used for her service!! It had been hanging on our wall above our Staircase, so we pulled out our heavy duty ladder and beings Adam was busy with our little 18 month old Greyson I decided no problem, I'll just climb up the ladder real quick and hang the photo!! Well as I climbed to the top I thought I'd feel more secure if I kinda sat on the top step which made me about 6 feet up on the ladder in our landing and about 10 feet above our basement floor!! Well the ladder started to fold and I was catapulted to the bottom of our staircase and landed on the carpeted cement basement floor FACE FIRST!! Adam saw me fly through the air and ran down the stairs to check on me and I jumped up not knowing who he was or what had happened!! All I knew was my face, arms and chest hurt and I WANTED MY MOM!! =)
Adam was able to get me in the pickup and drove me to the Hospital where I was treated for a Concussion and Several Fractures and Breaks!! I spent most of the week in the Hospital and then had Apt's with Specialists who will be preforming my up coming surgeries!! Needless to say I haven't been able to create and with both arms Broken well I will be out for atleast a month!! The GOOD NEWS is that I'm VERY LUCKY and I will recovery (even if its Slowly)!! I also have several Projects that I had already been working on that I'm hoping I'll be able to share with you during my Healing Process!!
Todays Card I Created for the AEI♥U Challenge #14–Sequins! I'm a HUGE Fan of Sequins and I LOVE adding them to my Cards!! I needed a Birthday Card for my Sister Britni who just turned 30 on Monday!! She LOVES the colors Turquoise and Gold a I knew I wanted to create a FUN Vellum Shaker Panel for my main Element!! So I started by Die Cutting the AE Pinked Edge Rectangle from both Cardstock and Vellum!! I then stamped the AWESOME Cake Stand Image from the AE FanFare Stamp Set!! I wanted it to be Turquoise so I embossed it with some AC Zing Embossing Powder!! I then added the Top of the Cake Stand and Embossed it too!! I took the Birthday Wishes Stamp from the AE Sending You Stamp Set and stamped it in Black ink inside the Glass Top of the Cake Stand!! EEEKKKK I LOVE the way it turned out!! I knew I wanted to add some Gold Sequins so I thought it might be FUN to add some Gold Metallic Stitching all the way around my Pinked Edge Panel!! I added some PPP Gold and Clear 6mm Sequins, some SC 10mm Gold Sequins and some SC Turquoise Star Sequins for the inside of my Vellum Shaker Panel and I LOVE it SO MUCH!! I then decided to Emboss the AE Brushed Stamp Set image to create a FUN Gold Metallic Strip down the front of my Card Base using my FAVORITE Ranger Gold Embossing Powder!! I added some Ink Splatters and then added the Vellum Shaker Panel using some Foam Tape!! My sister LOVED the card and I wish you could have seen it in REAL LIFE, because I think the Photos just don't do it justice!! This card turned out SO BEAUTIFUL!! =)

Anyway, hopefully you can see how Beautiful it is with these Photos that were taken for me with some HELP from my SWEET Husband!! =) Beggars can't be TOO Choosy can they!! =) HAHAHAHA!! I have a feeling he isn't going to enjoy this as much as I think he should!! THANKS SO MUCH for stopping by today and I hope you'll head over to the
AEI♥U Challenge #14–Sequins! and check out all of the other AMAZING Entries!!



  1. Oh Larissa! I'm so glad that you're okay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please get well soon and take it easy.

    Your project is, of course, gorgeous. Love the gold and the shaker!

  2. Oh my, Larissa.. your fall, injuries and upcoming rehab don't sound like fun at all, but you're still maintaining your perky, effervescent spirit through it all! You're a trooper (you'll probably hear that a lot - and you are!!). I'm glad to hear you're okay - and kudos to your husband for helping you out. Take it easy so you can recuperate quickly! Your card is absolutely stunning - as all of them are! Of course your sister loved it; it's beautiful and most important, it was created by you and infused with plenty of love!! I'm pretty hit-and-miss with leaving comments, but know that you're on my Feedly, and I see, admire and delight in everything you share!! Sending 'heal quickly wishes your way!

  3. Another beautiful card from someone so very special. There are not many people who would handle this in the graceful way that you have. I wish you the speediest of recoveries, take care!

  4. OMG !! That sounds horrific! I'm sure that it was as almost as emotionally painful for your DH as it was physically painful for you. Seeing you flying through the air and being helpless to stop it, is something that will re-run in his head over and over, but I wouldn't want to see the replay in your head either! You must be in terrible pain, but you still manage to sound like your usual upbeat self. My heart goes out to you and I hope you have a quick and successful recovery!

  5. So happy that you were able to join us after your horrific accident! I'm loving all the gold and of course, the sequins! Take good care, and thanks so much for joining us at Avery Elle!

  6. I can't believe what happened--how scary, Larissa! You obviously have a great attitude & I know you will recover quicker because of it! Take care of yourself--you're in my thoughts & prayers!

  7. Oops--forgot to say that this is one gorgeous card--know your sister will love it!

  8. The gold stitching is fabulous!

  9. Oh, my goodness gracious, girl! When I heard this, I thought, "This is a joke." I've totally been out of the loop, though, and had to stop by to see for myself. Good gracious! I'm so, so, SO sorry. Honey, take care of yourself, and don't worry one bit about entertaining us. You are one blessed girl. That fall could have been so much worse. My Dad could tell you all about it. Poor thing! XOXO

  10. Thoughts and prayers are with you Larissa! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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