Monday, September 9, 2013

A Country Boy and his Dog!! =)

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Hope your week is off to a GREAT Start and that your weekend was AMAZING!!??
We have been BUSY on the Farm!! We are finished with the irrigation this year and got all of the pipe picked up this weekend!! Man it has been HOT~ 107 was the HIGH over the weekend and we had a couple 110 days last week!! I got some pictures of Beckett and our Sweet Dog Jazz and I thought I'd share one with you!! It just makes me SMILE!! One of the things I LOVE the most about living on the Farm!!
Photo: Beckett snd Jazz enjoying the last couple days of the irrigation water!! Ahhh-the joys of country living!! ;)
(He does have shorts on they are just covered in mud)
They were enjoying the last day of the irrigation water/mud!! =) Gotta LOVE that Jazz played along right beside Beckett and I'm not sure who had more mud on them!! LOL!!
In a couple years I will be having two boys covered in mud!! =)
So I hope to see you soon with some projects I've been making, but until then I hope your enjoying your week!!

Have a FABULOUS Monday!!


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