Friday, May 10, 2013

What A Day!! =) Making the Spellbinder's 1st Round DT Cut!! =)

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Phew~What a Day!!
Started out like any other and went to SCARY in a matter of minutes!! My dad had a Heartattack in Feb. last year and had to have a Quadruple Bypass done!! He made it through everything AMAZINGLY well and has been going full speed ever since!! Well this morning I got a call that they were rushing him back to the hospital because his blood pressure was low and he had been sick and his arm was tingling so my mom wanted to make sure everything was okay!!?? We got to Kearney and found out everything had checked out just fine!! His medication was causing all of the problems so they cut it in half and want to hear back from him in a month to see if they need to change things again!!?? So we were able to breathe and did some shopping!! =)
It is times like these that I CHERISH the fact that I have such a CLOSE and LOVING relationship with my FAMILY!! I can't imagine a life without them!! I feel so BLESSED to be able to share all of these AMAZING (even some times SCARY) moments together!!
I also got some EXCITING NEWS!! I decided to try out for the Spellbinder's Design Team for 2013-2014!! I was pretty nervous about it but if you ever try you'll never succeed!! They announced the winners of the First round this morning so I went to the SPELLBINDER'S BLOG and found out that I had made the First Round Cut of their New Design Team Call!! I am SO EXCITED I can't even express it all in words!! =) I was SO HAPPY to be able to share the news with my Family!! I can't wait to create my project for the next round and I would LOVE your support and thoughts while I channel my next Creative Spark!! =) If you haven't followed the Spellbinder's Blog I hope you'll check it out and you can see the list of the other AMAZING Ladies/Men who made the First Round Cut!! =) SO EXCITED for them too!!

THANKS for stopping by and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)



  1. Larissa,
    First of all, I'm glad your Dad is Ok. Second of all, CONGRATS!! that's a tough call,but you made the cut!Hope you go all the way!!

  2. Thank goodness your dad is okay and a big congrats!! Fingers crossed for you ;)

  3. That is good to hear your dad us okay. I do hope his meds will not cause the low bp again!

    Congrats on Spellbinders! That is very exciting! Best of luck in the next round!

  4. Wow certainly a day to remember on all fronts. Your weekend following the announcement sounds like mine-ups and downs. So glad to hear your dad is well.
    Congratulations on getting through Round 1, I was shocked that I had gotten through.