Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tattered Floral Challenge #2 with Tim Holtz!! =)

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Well for my second take on the Tattered Floral Challenge with Tim Holtz, I wanted to create a CUTE Gift set for my new niece (?) who will be her in 5 days!!  =)  I have several babies who will be born this year so if my sister has a boy I can give this as a gift to one of my cousins or friends who will be having babies so nothing is lost!! 
I LOVE the Tattered Floral Die and I have used the daisy to create hair bows for my nieces last year for Valentines Day!! So this time around I wanted to use the other flowers on the die and I wanted a Big and Full Flower!!  So I started out by cutting several flowers (4) each out of white felt and Mustard Canvas!!  I then took a 2 inch circle of felt and used it as my base!! I started by taking the large flower and folding it in half and then folding it again to create a triangle!! I then layed it onto the circle in 1/4 of the area and stitched it down!! I repeated the process until I had all four large white felt flowers into triangle 1/4 creating a full circle on the felt circle piece!! I repeated this same process with the mustard large flowers and of set them on the white felt pieces so that the seams didn't line up!!  I then repeated the same process with the daisy flowers starting with the white felt ones and then repeating with the mustard ones!! Once they were all stitched down I then took one of the next smallest flowers in white felt layered it down in the center of the flower and then I took one more folded it in half and rolled it to create a bud for the center of my flower!! I stitched them to the flower base and fluffed everything together!!  I repeated this whole process to create another flower bow!! =) I just LOVE this color combo and the full look I was able to achieve!! When it comes to Little's shirts I have found that it is best to either attach snaps or Velcro to the bottom of the flowers so that when you go to wash them they don't get ruined!! So I sewed on five large snaps and the other half to the shirt!! This is also nice because you can create several different styles and change them out as you want!! I then snapped the flower in place and added some additional tiny flowers with some gold flat sequins and pearls in the centers. I then placed snaps on the backs of them as well with the other ends on the shirt!! (This process is alittle time consuming, but trust me it is SO worth the work!!)  I added some gold beads and these I stitched into place!! I LOVE the way it turned out and I am looking forward to all of the different designs I can come up with to give as part of my gift then they can change them out as they desire for any occasion!!  For the head band I took some stretch banding and created my headband and then added the large flower again with snaps that have been sewn to the felt 2 inch circle backing!! I stitched the other ends to the felt piece that I attached to the headband!! That way they can  switch out the different flowers to match the shirt!! I REALLY LOVE these and I know whoever they go to they will be LOVED and USED!!
  I will make a video sharing how this comes together and how the snaps work!!
Here are some photos!!

THANKS for stopping by and have a Fabulous Week!!  =)



  1. wow! I could never let my kid wear's ART!!! beautiful!

  2. WOOOOOOOOWZA! This is a fabulous little sweater!!! LOVE the tattered flower--- gorgeous layers!!! AMAZING project!

    ps...THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment on my Virtual Smooches video/post last week! You made my day!! THANK YOU for your love <3 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!