Friday, October 5, 2012

Some Exciting News!! =)

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Here is what it looks like today outside my window!! We are getting SNOW!! I am so not ready for winter!! I want to ENJOY a BEAUTIFUL FALL first!! Although we need the moisture so we can get the wheat drilled I still don't like it!! They are such beautiful large and fluffy snowflakes!! So I just had to share them with you!! I makes me smile to see the snow against the pretty yellow and orange trees on our creek bottom!!

Some very EXCITING NEWS!! =) We had our ultra sound last week at 22 weeks and we are having another BOY!!  =) I had mixed emotions about wether or not I wanted to find out as we waited with Beckett!! I am NOT disappointed!! In fact I think I am more EXCITED now that I know!! =)
                    Here are some pics of our Little Miracle due on Jan. 18th!!
                                              A neat profile picture!!
                        Our doctor laughed when he took this image and
                        said he was showing off for the camera!!  =)
                        He wanted us to KNOW he was a BOY!! =)

                                    Here is a PERFECT 3-D photo!! 
                   I am SO AMAZED by all of the features you can already see!! =)
Beckett is still holding out hope for a sister though!! Every time I say something about his brother he says or a sister!!  =) I know he will LOVE him and will be GLAD to have a brother once he is here!!
I will be back with some projects and some videos to share what I have been up to!!
                  THANKS for stopping by and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

                        COUNTRY HUGS-N-KISSES
                                  LARISSA   =)


  1. congratulations on your new addition! Boys are a wonderful blessing and I know they will be great buddies growing up!

  2. Oh, congratulations, Larissa! How exciting! I loved knowing with both of my kiddos. There's just an aspect to it that helps you get more prepared, if that's possible ;). And love the pics of snow. I don't think we're going to get any snow, but it's awfully cold here. We broke down and turned the heater on early this morning.

  3. snow snow glorious snow. Ohh, amazingly enough I miss the snow but not the cold. What a blessing; new life. God's blessings on the new baby and thank you thank you for posting the snow. Living in Colorado a while ago, I remember snow in October.