Friday, May 4, 2012

Beckett's First Turkey!! =)

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Hello and Happy Friday!! =)
Today I wanted to share some photos of my son Beckett's First Turkey!!
He has went out three times now and the first two times they came home empty handed!! For a grown-up this is EASY to understand, but for a 5 year old it is hard to explain. They think things should be so SIMPLE!! =)  Well the third time in the blind was the CHARM!! He was SO EXCITED and telling me the whole story!! I wish I would have went along and videoed it so you could all see what an AMAZING thing it is to be that close to nature. Beckett was telling me about all of the things that they saw during the three hours they sat in the blind waiting for the turkeys to come in to roost!! He saw a group of three deer one was just little and he was dancing and hopping around and Beckett was having a hard time staying quiet, but he managed to do it!! He thought it was SO neat to be able to see the Baby deer play around and he didn't even know that they were watching!! =)  Then they saw several smaller turkey's and had to wait for the larger ones to come in!! Once they came in he spotted the one he wanted to get and it only took him one shot!! For a 5 year old that's pretty AWESOME and I am so HAPPY and PROUD of him!! My husband shot his first turkey in the same place and to have those connections and memories is pretty neat!! My little boy is growing up SO FAST!! It makes me sad, but I am ENJOYING every minute of it!!
When they brought it home and we started to clean him Beckett asked me if I could make a blanket out of the feathers!! He said man they are SO soft!! I had to smile because I too wish we could have a blanket made of the soft feathers!! Then he wanted to cook up his turkey and couldn't wait to taste how YUMMY he was going to be!! I don't think we have EVER ate a turkey from the store!! We have always had fresh wild turkey and I am THANKFUL to be able to say that!!
My husband and I have both grown up hunting and for those who have NEVER done it, you wouldn't know that it isn't about the killing!! We LOVE the animals and ENJOY watching them around our farm!! They are such AMAZING creatures and add SO much to land that we live on!! We EAT EVERYTHING that we kill and that to me is the BIGGEST part of hunting!! I LOVE that we are LUCKY enough to live this life and to share it with BECKETT and I know we will be instilling in him the way of the land!!
Here are some photo's of his PRIZED FIRST TURKEY!! =)
~Beckett down on the creek bottom where he shot his turkey~

~Beckett showing me his First Turkey~ Butterfly's First Turkey too!!

~He fanned out the feathers to show me how pretty they were~

~Adam and Beckett for a GREAT Hunting Photo~

~Beckett with the tail feather's~

~Fanned out Turkey Feather's~
THANKS for stopping by today and I hope you have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)


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