Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today was such a BEAUTIFUL WINTER DAY!! =)
We had the most fun today playing outside and ENJOYING the snow!!
Beckett our 5 yr. old son decided it was the PERFECT day to build a snowman!!
I had read a post on Ali Edwards Blog that gave me the idea to wrap 25 books that we had around the house that either had something to do with Christmas or that taught a good lesson!! So I went through ALL of our books and some of grandmas books to found 25 that I could wrap up and every night
before bed Beckett could unwrap one and then we would read it for our bedtime story.
Well we read the story about FROSTY last night and today I guess Beckett decided that he wanted to make his own Frosty!! So we went out and Beckett gave us each a section that we were supposed to make. Adam (daddy) had the bottom ball, Beckett had the middle ball and I (mommy) had the head ball. After we got the snowman made we were adding the finishing touches and Beckett said I think our snowman is sad!! =( I think he needs a FRIEND!!??  Adam and I looked at each other and we said well lets get to rolling our sections again (because we both thought he wanted to make another snowman). He actually meant a doggie friend!! So we laughed and said okay a snow dog shouldn't be hard to make at all, Beckett rolled the head and then made the body with Adams help. Then he found the perfect branch for a tail and we used two rock for the ears.  I broke some little sticks and used them for the eyes and eyelashes, then for a mouth and used some bark for the nose. He turned out TOO CUTE!! Beckett decided his name was BINGO!! Then he said my snowman is SO HAPPY he has a friend now!!  I had fun taking pictures of Adam and Beckett rolling their sections and I look forward to the day when we look back at these pictures and laugh at the memories of this day!! =)
So here are some of the photos!!
I sure hope your was filled with as much fun and laughter as ours was!! =)

 Beckett thought his snowman was thirsty so he gave him an A&W Root Beer!! It was pretty funny!!
Then he thought he'd like to play with his dump truck so he brought it out for him to play with!! I LOVE the imaginations that little ones have, sometimes I think having these bright lights in our lives make us remember the joys in the season and in make believe!!
THANKS for stopping by and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

P.S. I'll be back with a video and the names of the winners from my 10 Days of Holiday Creating with Ribbon~~it was just too nice of a day to spend it inside!! =)  Hope you all understand!!


  1. Just reading your post and seeing those pics was so great. I love seeing families spend time together. Priceless.

  2. Aw, I love snowmen/women/dogs! :-) TFS!

  3. Yes, we totally understand. It's great that you could have some quality time with your family. Thanks for sharing, Johanne L.