Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LasVegas/NFR Trip!! =)

What a BEAUTIFUL place!!
We left here and it was a FREEZING --17degrees!! BRRRRRR!!!
We got to Las Vegas and it was a BEAUTIFUL 50 degrees then got warmer 65!!

(here is the view from our room-I LOVED that I could see my reflection)
We stayed at the Mirage!! =)
We had a BLAST and I had fun taking pictures!! We actually meet up with several people from our area. It was four days filled with WALKING, WALKING and MORE WALKING!! SHOPPING and even some FUN FIRSTS!!
On Wednesday we got to meet Gale Sayers (he played for the Bears my husbands FAVORITE TEAM) and got his autograph!! That was a GREAT START to our trip!! =)
                                    Then we walked down the strip to see some of the sites!!

We met up with all of the other couples and ate at a Mexican Grill called the PINK TACO!! =)
Talk about FUNNY!! They even had shirts for sale with their Logo and Name on them!!
It really was GOOD!! Then we all decided to get some sleep because we had all been up since like 4:00 am and it was 12:00 Vegas time 2:00am our time!! Man I was shot!!
We got up and headed out to explore and shop first thing Thursday morning!! We were coming down the escalator and saw TONS of people standing around (WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN WE ASKED EACH OTHER??)
Well right infront of us here came MIKE TYSON!! =)
He was surrounded by 6 Body Guards and walked right infront of us, he was signing autographs at one of the sport shops!! Then we went and ate at the Cheesecake Factory!! YUMMY!! =)
I have ate their cheesecake before, but NEVER ate at one and if you haven't ever been there to eat IT IS A MUST!!  =) Check out this FABULOUS (spiked or not) Milk Shake!!
Pretzel Carmel Chocolate Milk Shake it was DELICIOUS!! =)
The food was just as good and we will definitely be going back to the Cheesecake Factory to eat again!! =)
We went to some of my FAVORITE shops (Anthropology-I LOVE the eye candy in these stores!!)
Check out this hutch and butcher table I'd LOVE to have this in my kitchen!! =)
 Look at this fun filing cabinet!! It was even large enough to store 12x12 papers!!
If you have $1490.00 you could take it home and use it to keep your stash organized!!
Adam didn't think it would fit on the plane and I thought I could talk someone into letting it on!! =)
Maybe someday I can take a LARGE trailer to Vegas and bring it all back home with me!!??
We went to the Rodeo on Thursday Night and rented a bus with all of the other people that were there from our area. It was quite the bus (stripper pole included) we were all laughing.
We got there in one piece though and payed 75% less than what it would have cost to take a cab!!
Here are some of the photos from the rodeo!! It was a BLAST!!

This poor guys horse fell and landed right ontop of him!!
He was okay and got a reride!! =)

This Bulls name is White Magic and was only rode by 20% of his riders
He was retired at the NFR tonight and will live out his life on the open range!! =)

This poor cowboy got bucked off and then stepped on by both the
front and the back legs of the bull!! The clowns were there to help
right away!! He got up and got a reride!!

A clowns job is NEVER done!! He looks like he is teaching him
some karate moves!! =)
We got back to the motel and decide to check out the night life!!
They had live bands and we ran into several people from our
town that were there for the NFR!! =)
We got up on Friday and headed out to see more of the strip.
We went to the Cosmopolitan and I have NEVER seen so many crystals.
Look at these chandeliers--they covered the entire ceiling!!
It was so BEAUTIFUL!! =)
Then we ate at a place called Holsteins. They had DELICIOUS burgers,
fries and milkshakes (again spiked or regular).

We walked and walked and I saw LOTS of fun windows!!
Check out this eye candie on the Vegas Strip!!

This stores windows were full of these vintage factory sewing machines!!
It was so NEAT--there were no two alike!!
We then watched the fountain shows and it was so AMAZING!!
Here are just a few pictures:

I LOVE the rainbow reflection that I captured in this photo!!
This was a shot of the mist that fell after the fountain went off!!
They started at 12noon and went til midnight and after dark they
were set to a light show along with the music!!
It was a very NEAT SIGHT to see!!
We went and saw the KA show it was AMAZING
and I would go again!!
Our last day we took it easy and then we went to the old Vegas strip
Fremont Street and Natawnya and I decided to go down the Zip Line!!
It was the coldest night we had in Vegas and we about FROZE to death on the
roof of the building while we were waiting to go on the zip line!!
Here are a few pictures!! (my husband had the camera so I apologize for them)

Here we are getting ready to be hooked up!! =)
Here we are on the Zip Line!! =)
A view of the Old Strip!! Fremont Street!!
A GIANT sand Castle that was being built for the NFR!!
Here we are on the plane getting ready to leave Las Vegas!!

We both slept the whole way to Denver!!
THANKS for stopping by and I hope if you ever get a chance to go to Vegas
during the NFR that you'll go. It was a BLAST!!


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