Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Weekend Last Week!! =)

WOW!! Were did the week go!!?? I had alot going on and before I knew it~~well the week was GONE!!
I have a BUSY couple of weeks ahead and I just had to share our weekend with you all!! =)
I live in McCook Nebraska which is in the southwest corner of the state!!  I LOVE our little town~~but I grew up in Indianola!! A town of about 400 people and my family is a BIG part of that number!!  =) We celebrate Old Settler's Day every year on the second saturday in August and have a parade along with a whole day of festivities!! Our family has had a float ever since I can remember!! My grandma started the tradition and it has just carried through. We all have our own little family floats now beings all of us would NEVER fit on one single float anymore, but it is still the same tradition. This year the theme was Best Little Town in the West~a Blast from the Past. So we decided we do a saloon and have the back of the pickup be a poker hall!!  So we would have the Old and the New!! We went to several thrift stores and antique malls and found some FABULOUS costumes and the boys had cowboy outfits from halloween last year so it was PERFECT!! =) Then we went about making the decorations!! I made all of the signs using my Cricut and then we made some of the stuff by hand!! I must say we are a VERY CRAFTY FAMILY!! =)
Well here is how it turned out!! The best part~~WE WON FIRST PLACE In the FAMILY FLOAT CATEGORY!! =) Gotta LOVE the fact that all of our hard work paid off!!
THANKS for stopping by and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)
Here are the pics from the AMAZING WEEKEND we had!! =)
Here's to a repeat!!

How BLESSED we are to have these LITTLES in our lives!! =)
I'm pretty bias, but they are SO CUTE!! =) I love how their
personalities show through in this picture!!
 From left to right front row: Kade (3), Beckett (4),
second row: Aubrey (4), Ashlin (6), Kenna (2) and back row:
Britni holding Maelee (4 months)!! LOVE THEM!! =)

Here is the cardboard Saloon!! I did a dripping paint technique
 to make it look like REAL wood!! I LOVE the way
it came together!! It rained right after these photos so our
 poor Saloon was alittle druppy for the actual parade,
but it still looked pretty AWESOME!! =)

Our cardboard Saloon!! I used the halloween lanterns
to hang on the sides and we used fabric
for the curtains. Added a rocking horse out front
 and the saloon doors and we were looking good.

Beckett and I posing for some pics!! He wasn't wanting to stand still!! =)
Well I didn't blame him the kids were having TONS of fun
and eating candy!! Pictures aren't near as fun as candy at 10:00 AM.   =)

Here we all are together!! My dad being goofy as usual!! =)
My sister-in-law Kelly is on the far left,
 Skyler, ME, my mom, Kylee holding Maelee  and Britni!! =)

We are all posing and decided to do a "FUN pose"!! Love Skyler's Kiss!!

This is my sister Kylee and her husband Brad with the
4 month old Malee!! =) Her FIRST Famliy Float!! =)
I LOVED the cow outfit she found along
with the little bounet too cute!! =)

This is the second youngest- my sister Britni and her husband Aaron
with their kiddos Ashlin (6), Aubrey (4) and Kade(3).
What a cute little FAMILY!! =)

OMG!! I LOVE this!! =)
My dad is a BIG JOKER!! He is worse than any child
when it comes to letting you get a GOOD PICTURE!!
 I don't think I have a SINGLE PIC from the day
 with a plain smile!! =)

My BABY SIS Skyler and her boyfriend Bryson!! =)
She just left for her 1st year of college yesterday!!
We are going to miss her, but I thing the kids will
miss her even MORE!! She is kinda the FUN ONE!!

Here is the pickup decorated as the Poker Hall and you can see the guys
in the backplaying cards!! We all HAVE AWESOME hubby's.
They always play along with us and dress up in WHATEVER
 we tell them to wear!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! =)

This was on the grill gusrd of the pickup to JAZZ up the front!! =)

This is the sign we had on both sides of the pickup!!
I made it using cuts from the Cricut and then my mom drew the sign,
guns and banner and we cut them out.
I LOVED the it turned out!! =)

I made this sign for the saloon. I used cuts from my cricut
and I LOVE the way it came together!! =)

This is the last thing people see!! We wanted something to add to
 the back of the float and I came up with this 3-D shadow box.
 I wanted something that we could add all of our names to
and a sun was PERFECT!! It has glitter on it too and
looks REALLY neat in the sun!! I also covered it with a
clear scrylic spray so that it will stand the test of time!!??
 We re-coat it every year, we have used  it
 for 4 years know and still solid!! =)

This is a side view so you can see the 3-D view!!
 It's AWESOME!! =)

Beckett was SO EXCITED!! He told his grandma that he had
 a place on his shelf above his bed for the trophy!! =)
She had to laugh because he had it ALL figured out!!
 The trophy went home with g-ma & g-pa so they
could add to our other trophies!! =)

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