Friday, June 8, 2012

May Arts Ribbon Wednesday Video plus Tutorial!! =)

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I hope your week was FABULOUS!!
I have been surrounded with BAD weather and NO Internet connection, so that's why there was a delay in this weeks May Arts Ribbon Wednesday video!! I wanted to share a few NEW Ideas for ways to use our BEAUTIFUL Baker Twine and a 1.5 inch Striped Grosgrain Ribbon using a couple different braiding techniques!!

I am trying out for the Design Team Call over on the May Arts Blog!! You can find the link here with all of the information and you have until Monday June 11th to get your BEAUTIFUL Creations sent!! I hope you'll give it a try if you LOVE using May Arts Ribbon like I do on my projects!!
For the call we have to do a written tutorial and I am going to share with how I made one of the flowers in my video!!
Here are the pictures of all of the Flowers I am going to share!!

Step One: Measure out three strips of 18 inch ribbon in what ever color or design you desire!!
Step Two: After all three strips are cut tie them together at the top using a knot!! Spread them out in order to braid them as shown above.
Step Three: Taking the left strip and the right strip in the matching hands and crossing the right strip over the center strip.
Step Four: After you cross the right strip it will be the center strip you'll take the left strip and cross it over the center strip.
Step Five: Then the left strip will be in the center now and you'll continue with this pattern until the whole ribbon piece is braided.
Step Six: Once your ribbon piece is braided you'll tie a knot in the end of it and begin to form your flower!!
Step Seven: You'll take the braided piece and wrap it in a circle twisting the braid as you go to give the flower dimension. To make the flower stay together you can either use liquid glue and a cardstock punched circle, or for a non-messy way use a 1.5 inch Glubber and press the flower down in it as you wrap it!!
Step Eight: The flower will be twisted and folded all the way and the knot will be placed underneath the flower.
Step Nine: The flower will look like this once it is completely wrapped. Then you can add the May Arts Faux Suede Leaves to finish off your flower!! Just trim off three leaves and use the glue of your choice to attach them to the bottom of your flower!!

Here is my May Arts Ribbon Wednesday Video to share how to make all three flowers!!

THANKS for watching and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)


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