Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a New Aunt!! =)

I was also blessed yesterday with a new neice Maelee Marie Forch!! =) She is the new daughter to proud first time parents Kylee and Brad Forch!! My sister was always the one in our family of 5 to say that she was never going to have kids and 4 days before her 30th birthday she bacame just that a MOM!! =)  I am so HAPPY for them and for the new adventures that parenting will bring!! They make a BEAUTIFUL family and I can't wait to watch them grow through this miricale of life!! Here they are after a LONG day!!
Maelee Marie weight 8lbs. 14oz. length 21 in.

Kylee, Maelee and Brad Forch!! First family photo!! =)
Poor Kylee she had a LONG day and this is only the 2 time
holding her after hours of waiting!! What a tough cookie!!

Happy Aunt Larissa with Maelee!! She is so sweet!! =)
I found this cute hat I just couldn't resist!!

Maelee baring it all!! LOVE those little baby parts!!

Proud Grandma along with happy cousins Beckett and Aubrey!!

Aunt Skyler is in heaven again, an aunt of 6 at age 17!!
 G-ma and G-pa and cousin Aubrey all in smiles!! =)


Aunt Britni was so happy to get to hold you!! We can't wait to spoil you!!
We are so BLESSED today with another little life to add to our already AWESOME family!! It is days like this that make you cherrish all that you have and make you want to cherrish and live every day to its fullest!!
We LOVE you Maelee and are so happy to finally meet you!!

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  1. Congrats! Babies are the best way to bring a family together!